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Green-Tech Staff

Green-Tech realizes that the strength and success of our company depends how each and every employee gets treated. All our staff is treated the same way we treat our customers, with respect, dignity, and honesty. We appreciate that every individual has his/her own personal desires, goals and values. Green-Tech uses employee profiles to identify personal motivational factors in all our employees and then helps with coaching and goal setting so that every employee fulfills their potential.

All our staff attend both classroom style and on the job training so that each employee understands not only how to clean properly and effectively, but also why our protocols and procedures are in place. We go above and beyond our competition by offering an in house microbiology certification where employees get a deeper view of the science behind cleaning for health.

Comments from Our Staff

Shervin Milani-Kia, Supervisor

"The first and most important reason that I'm interested in Green-Tech is that you guys not only care about your business but also care about the staff and their families too, that's so valuable for me."