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Facilities Serviced - Green-Tech Building Maintenance Inc.

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Commercial Facilities Served

There are many cleaning companies that focus only on cleaning one specific type of facility. Green-Tech serves facilities of various sizes and types including but not limited to offices, retail stores, manufacturing plants, government offices, healthcare facilities, fitness centers, daycare centers and educational facilities.


General Offices

Your office environment is the also the home of many unseen germs and bacteria that have dangerous health consequences to your staff and clients. Cleaning solely for appearance just isn’t enough anymore… Read more here... >





Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare associated infections affect two million people every year, yet one third of those cases are considered preventable if proper infection control procedures are in place… Read more here... >



Childcare & Education

Schools, learning facilities and daycare centers are home to millions of germs that get transmitted on almost every level. Green-Tech helps safeguard building occupants against the dangerous of many types of bacteria and germs… Read more here... >



Gyms & Fitness Centers

These specialized and unique environments are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. Green-Tech helps eliminate the risk posed by these microorganisms… Read more here... >



Manufacturing Sector

Safety, security and alertness are essential when cleaning production based environments. Green-Tech’s cleaning technicians are specially trained to provide consistent, reliable cleaning services for manufactures of various types and sizes… Read more here... >



Retail and Restaurants

Customers quickly determine the quality of your products, series and brand by the appearance and smell of your facility, especially your restrooms! Read more here… >