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Office Environments

The Importance of a Clean Office Environment

• Telephones: 25 000 germs per square inch
• Water Fountains: 2.7 million bacteria per square inch on the spigot alone
• Elevator buttons: The first floor button contains the most bacteria and germs
• Keyboards: More than 200 times as many bacteria as a toilet seat
• Bathrooms:Not surprisingly one of the germiest locations of all – with fecal toxins on nearly every surface

Green-Tech services all sorts of different general office environments such as real estate firms, engineering firms, insurance agencies, private office studios and many others. With our customized cleaning programs, your business will not only look and smell clean, but it will be transformed into a healthy, safe and more productive work place! We use the latest and greatest the cleaning in the cleaning industry so we are always ahead of the technological curve.

How Your Office Space is Cleaned

All office space requires careful cleaning duties to keep areas in tip top shape and safe to use. One-size-fits-all cleaning does not work. No two offices are the same, some might have lobbies and conference rooms that are frequently used by customers and visitors, some have areas that are barely used such as unoccupied office space, call centers with hundreds of cubicles and phones, glass and mirrors that need to be cleaned monthly or specialty equipment cleaning.

Green-Tech has many years’ experience in customizing a cleaning program that is based on your workspace, current business needs and budget. We keep our buildings inspection ready with consistent quality cleaning all the time.

Our cleaning programs…

  • Remove 99.97% of bacteria. Allergens and dust up (to 0.3 microns) from the air
  • Prevent the spread of bacteria from one area to another
  • Use the most advance and efficient tools and techniques available
  • Are environmentally responsible and recognizably “green”
  • Are delivered consistently all the time
  • Are competitively priced

Our services are delivered by trained and uniformed staff who dedicate their time to knowing you, your facility and your specialized cleaning needs.