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Gyms and Fitness - Green-Tech Building Maintenance Inc.
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Health and Fitness Centers

Warm and moist environments are ideal homes for bacteria and germs. Green-Tech’s cleaning programs help eliminate the risk posed by germs

The Increasing Importance of Cleaning Fitness Facilities

We all know that people love to spend time in fitness centers in order to live healthier lives, but what many people don’t know is that fitness centers are ideal places for germs and bacteria to thrive. Warm, moist areas like saunas, shower stalls and locker rooms are ideal thriving conditions for germs and bacteria and must be properly cleaned to ensure everyone’s safety while at the gym.

Although many patrons will use disinfectant wipes and sprays after they’ve used cardio machines, other high-touch items such as dumbbells, free weights and exercise balls are often neglected. Computer keyboards for example, can have up to 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat and need to be cleaned properly. Door handles, phones, drinking fountains and even magazines that are shared from one person to the next are notorious for hosting germs.

Green-Tech provides specialized cleaning services that are designed to focus on the proper and safe removal of bacteria and germs in your gym, so your business will not only look and smell clean, but be a safer and healthier place for your patrons to train.

How Gyms and Fitness Facilities are Cleaned

Since bacteria and germs can be spread by touching contaminated surfaces, Green-Tech aims its cleaning programs to disinfect all “hot spots” especially in the locker and washrooms.

Although there are many gyms out there that now try and promote the cleaning and disinfecting of their machines after usage, there are often areas that get overlooked such as tables, keyboards, hand rails, drinking fountains. Improper cleaning of these areas will leak to an increased risk of pathogen transmission from one person to another.

Green-Tech’s cleaning programs uses color coding systems to avoid cross-contamination, instead of using the same cotton/paper towels and mops to clean multiple areas.

Green-Tech will take the time to walk with you through your facility and identify hot spots, then create a customized cleaning program based on your needs and budget. We ask the questions that will give us a true understanding to what’s most important to you so that all cleaning will consistently meet your expectations.

Our cleaning programs…

  • Remove 99.97% of bacteria. Allergens and dust up (to 0.3 microns) from the air
  • Prevent the spread of bacteria from one area to another
  • Use the most advance and efficient tools and techniques available
  • Are environmentally responsible and recognizably “green”
  • Are delivered consistently all the time
  • Are competitively priced

Our services are delivered by trained and uniformed staff who dedicate their time to knowing you, your facility and your specialized cleaning needs.