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Compare Us to the Competition - Green-Tech Building Maintenance Inc.
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Compare Green-Tech to the Competition

The Janitorial Services Industry is made up of many different companies that provide a wide range of commercial cleaning services to many different types of businesses. The majority of cleaning companies are small independent owners or janitors and others are franchise owners.

Green-Tech has been a leader in predefining the cleaning industry to move towards the use of “Green” certified products and procedures that are derived from natural, sustainable resources.  Our cleaning programs use always uses the latest cleaning technologies.

While traditional cleaning companies focus on cleaning ONLY for appearance, Green-Tech goes further by also reducing health risks to create safe, healthy and productive workplaces.


Compare Green-Tech to In-House Cleaners

Many businesses are turning to their existing staff to perform the all cleaning duties in their place of business in an attempt to save money. This is especially true in low economic times where cost savings become a major factor. However there are many problems with going down this route such as increased costs, unhappy employees and dangerously unhealthy working conditions. This leads to many problems such as:

• increased absenteeism
• increased presenteeism
• decreased worker productivity
• unhealthy indoor air quality
• increase sick days and associated health care costs
• decreased employee morale


The Hidden Costs of In-House Cleaning



Sample costs commonly related to in-house cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Programs

Hourly Rate



Chemicals and Equipment



Insurance and employee-related costs

35% / $128.92 (fully loaded)





Total Cost


$ 346. 40


Compare the Green-Tech Cleaning Program in the Industry

Below is cleaning service checklist that includes the items that customers tell us are most important. Think about your current cleaning requirements, and then see how our cleaning programs stack up.


What is Most Important to You? Green-Tech's Cleaning Programs
Dusting that removes nearly 100% of bacteria, allergens and dust from the air
Restrooms that look and smell clean - and are clean at the "unseen" level
Cleaning that prevents the spread of bacteria from one area to another
A cleaning company that uses the latest and most efficient cleaning tools and equipment available
Careful attention to details
Competitively priced cleaning services
A company who listens, adds value and follows through on all their commitments
A customized cleaning program for unique needs
Consistent delivery of services
Professional, trained and certified cleaning technicians
Fully insured and bonded
Quality assurance plan
24/7 Emergency response
Special services available